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The website that Excell.Net designed for my book,, is very professional and customized so that it reflects the image I was trying to convey to my customers and clients. Their work was timely and prompt, and always included my feedback so that my verbal explanations became reality through the layout design. I would highly recommend Excell.Net to anyone looking to enhance their professional image and to drive business through Internet resources.

John L. Pantera
Author of All Diets Die - How to Win & be Thin

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At Excell.Net, we focus on providing businesses with
unsurpassed website development and hosting services.

Excell.Net develops and maintains unique, custom websites for both new and existing customers. We don't just design in a vacuum, though. We incorporate your company's logo and look into a professionally developed graphic layout, giving you a beautiful and functional web presence. And to make sure that customers can find you, we build your website to be search engine friendly, using specific search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that have provided our customers with excellent results.

Excell.Net understands that a website is an investment. As such, it should provide a return that's measurable in real dollars and in the near-term. Before beginning any work, we sit down with you to learn about your business and what you need and want from your website. With that in mind, we'll discuss the best complete solution for you, and also present options for gradual development – giving you the most bang for your buck, whatever your budget.

At Excell.Net, our commitment to you extends beyond your site's launch. We own all our servers and host them at our East Longmeadow facility, allowing us 24-hour access and ensuring that we can address all your needs and make changes on your schedule. Our goal is to create a long-term partnership by providing you with expert advice, unparalleled support, and effective solutions that get you noticed and add to your bottom line.

Excell.Net provides a free initial consultation to review your business and discuss the process of developing your new website. We can also register your domain names, provide security certificates and private directory software, add a shopping cart to your site, and host your email. For more information, please email us at Info@Excell.Net or call (413) 599-0399.

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